Paralysis by Over Analysis

So since I set up my blog a couple weeks ago, I have been very busy. Very busy, researching blogging, niches, best times to post, etc etc.

I have been worried about what to write about, and what my (non existent, currently) readers would think of the writing, lol. This kind of thinking is what kept me from restarting my blog in the first place.

So I have decided to just write. I need to relearn the practice of writing, and exercising the writing muscles. I am not going to worry about writing too much, or too little. I am not going to worry about sticking to niches, or anything of the sort. That may result in 5 posts one week, 3 the following 4 week. However it looks, I will just write.

I have a dozen interests so I am going to just start writing about them and we’ll see how that looks, and just hit publish.

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Works in IT, working to regain good health.

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